Who we are

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Lemoxo Technologies is a data science and analytics company, focused on solving the data management and advanced analytics challenges to help companies institutionalize data- driven decision-making.

In the last few years, there has been an explosion in the amount of data thata��s available. The question facing every company today is how to use data effectively a�� not just their own data, but all the data thata��s available and relevant. Ideally, organizations want to leverage this mountain of data to capitalize on opportunities for growth, innovation and competitive advantage. But organizations everywhere are suffering from data chaos due to fragmented nature of information management and may not fully be utilizing the myriad ways data science and analytics bring strategic insights. Lemoxo addresses this critical need and enables organizations to operationalize their data in a sustainable manner.

Lemoxo is a fairly young and vibrant organization where we strive to work very closely with our clients and prospects in order to simulate their problem statements and work out fundamentally simple and innovative solutions. We have expertise in applied math and statistical analysis, artificial intelligence and operations research. We are a small but very passionate team of data scientists who work towards a motive of providing value oriented solutions and services.

Who we are

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